noun.  The act of inuring to a climate; acclimation.

the purpose

The existential threat of climate change is a bit like grief in that it becomes too vast for the mind, and we become emotionally and behaviourally paralysed. If we are to make a difference as individuals, we need to make space and time in our lives to deconstruct this nebulous concept. Sustainability as a concept of maintaining our current behaviours and practices, is no longer enough. What’s needed is a focus on climation – the transformation, innovation and adaptation required to inure ourselves to a changing climate.

Hopefully what you find here will help give you the confidence to have an informed conversation about climate change with friends and family; encourage you to dropkick that bitch of climate sceptic that has been sassing you; or empower you to make behavioural changes in your own life.

Thanks for reading, sharing and following, and for making some mental and emotional space for climation in your own life.

the journey

A little over five years ago at the suggestion of a friend, I started writing a blog called SustainingPeople (SP), focused on broad sustainability and CSR issues. I developed SP as a strategic vehicle to help me understand these issues, and ultimately to get me a job in the sector. To my surprise, it helped me achieve both outcomes; I have become a giant climate change policy & markets nerd, and i get to work with business and government on climate change mitigation across Australia and internationally.

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Over the last four years since it achieved its purpose, SustainingPeople as a blog and as an idea has lay dormant, but now with a renewed purpose, the blog has evolved to become climation. Lets get moving.