TED Talks About Sustainable Investment

In Sustaining People’s previous post Ethical Investment for Dummies, we discussed the role that ESG factors play in investment decisions, and the opportunities that can arise out of mitigating environmental, social and governance risk. Our daily snoop around the internet has taken us into the fascinating world of TED Talks, and

Sydney Swans Might Win Something After All

Sydney Swans might win something after all, but it won’t be on the footy field. In 2009, Premiership veterans Adam Goodes and Michael O’Loughlin launched the Goodes O’Louhglin (GO) Foundation and after going from strength to strength, they are now pertnering with Lend Lease to help young indigenous Australians focus on education and work towards their own brighter future. Lend Lease’s …

Sustaining People Expands & DIY Sustainability

Sustaining People has put together some more resources for readers to assist in making changes to their operations. The Videos & Podcasts page will have discussions by prominent experts from around the world about Sustainable Development and the state of CSR in our world, and the Resources & Tools page will have a number of documents to inform and assist …

Dial T for Telstra

Telstra is famous for providing Australia’s most expansive regional telecommunications coverage, as well as being infamous for providing us access to some of the more frustrating overseas call centres. Behind the scenes however, a different tale is being written. In 2011, Telstra did something drastic that affected the future of their global operations: they became a signatory to the UN …

For Richer or Poorer

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending an address given by one of the great minds of our age, Professor Jeffrey Sachs, for Curtin University’s Sustainability Policy Institute (CUSP).

Defining the importance of CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility is a very fluid term that conjures up so many different images, and it seems hard to confine it within the constraints of a simple definition.

In the Beginning…

This is the introductory post for a new blog exploring the growing world of sustainability within human resources. Over the coming posts I hope to share insights from around the world about the role that sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) plays in the corporate HR space.